Say hello to the alpacas

Have you ever heard of Alpaca fiber? It's known to be the most wonderful fiber around, even better than wool and cashmere. The Alpaca is a native animal in Peru, South America; they roam the land and eat the rich green grass down in Peru. They are cherished all around the world, from South America to North America, even reaching all the way to Asia. Once you realize the luxuries fibers of Alpaca, you will keep wanting more.

Teddy our Great Pyrenees

Eclipse features an array of colors of huacayas. 

We have a small herd of quality Champion - Blue Ribbon bloodlines: damn's, herd sires and pet alpacas. Our farm offers agisting, sales and hands on education for our clients.

 Even our dogs love bonding with the Alpacas'.

Where is our farm?

1575 N. Coats Rd Oxford, Michigan 48371