everything for customers and fellow alpaca farmers

Eclipse Alpacas offers many services. From small to large we would love to tell you about them.


Tours - Not available right now. Thank you for your understanding.

Have you ever met an alpaca? Do you want to pet, feed, meet the alpacas, and learn about them? Well you can meet an alpaca, pet them, feed, and learn about them. Experience a one of a kind experience with us. We offer tours for any group age and size. Each tour is created for you to have that personalized touch. We love to share why we love alpacas with you. So come and join us on an adventure with alpacas.


Our merchandise

Everything you could think of we might have. From raw fiber to premium scarves and sweaters. Have you ever worn alpaca socks? Well think of heaven on your feet. We work with co-op farms from peru to local yarn producers for our fiber to be produced into wonderful products that you would love. Backed with our 30 day guarantee of love it or return it 30.


Physical onsite store

The brick and mortar store isn't dead. Nothing is better than feeling alpaca fiber for the first time. You can come visit us during the day and be able to touch the actual product. You are able to wear that fabulous scarf before you buy so you know you love it. If you can't find what you want we can help you and do a special order just for you. ^-^ You can even see the actual alpacas in person at our farm and be able to feel the raw fiber. Backed by our 30 day guarantee of love it or return it 30.

Please contact us to before you visit us to make sure we have inventory and our hours.


New owner help

We offer personalized hands-on training for new owners. We would love to share our experience and knowledge with fellow alpaca farmers. Building communication and a community for all. We can even help onsite training at our farm. You will be basically going to alpaca farming college, but without those hefty student loans.


Alpacas for sale

While it might be sad to see our alpacas leave us, we understand that other alpaca lovers might want in. We offer quality herdsires and mothers. We can also provide more farms for your search for quality alpacas. We even offer tips and advice complementary of course.



Have you ever worried about you not loving a product or just have to return it? I think we all know that feeling of worry. We want to show how much we love you and also show that we believe in our products and animals. Guarantees that we have include our products, alpacas, breeding, and more. Guarantees will be listed on the respective pages and receipt of purchase. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.