farm tours

Experience a one of a kind experience with us.


Great for any group size

What is it to live on an alpaca farm? Live, breathe, take care and learn about the alpacas. Want an educational experience for an elementary class? We will create a learning environment where they will remember. Want a night out with all your friends and feed some alpacas? Each tour is catered for any style of experience you could think of with easy to understand packages with custom options at your request. We are able to offer educational unique fun experiences for any age. No matter if you're the only one wanting a tour or 40 people you will all enjoy it.


Be up close and personal

Alpacas might be shy, but you can be very lucky and feed them. On our tours you can have alpacas walk up to you and eat out of your hands. Be able to touch the most luxurious and desired fiber ever. Take a selfie with many alpacas and play with them. Alpacas might spit at you maybe, if they do you're lucky. No matter what time of year you are able to visit our farm. Winter you can see them run in the deep snow. In the summer get to see them sunbathe and play in the sprinklers.

Yes alpacas are more cuddly than an alpacasso plush ☆彡